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ending invoices to public authorities:
XRechnung, Peppol et al.

To send e-invoices to public institutions and authorities, the XRechnung format has been required since April 2020. E-invoices in this format can be sent directly by email to the recipient or uploaded to the relevant institution’s invoice receipt platforms. The EU initiative OpenPeppol, which harmonises procurement processes across Europe, also offers a transfer channel for e-invoices.

If you want to save effort – above all, when carrying out business transactions with multiple authorities – you can, therefore, use Peppol as an alternative. There are also many authorities that require the use of Peppol. To help customers handle transactions, stratEDI has been certified as a Peppol Service Provider since autumn 2023. The procedure is child’s play:

    • stratEDI customers send invoice files by FTP or email
    • stratEDI converts the files into the XRechnung format and transfers them to Peppol

All authorities in the EU that work with Peppol can be involved as needed.


ZUGFeRD continues to be supported

For the automated or partially automated processing of invoices, the ZUGFeRD format is also used (in German: Central User Guide of the Forum for e-Invoices in Germany). This follows the specifications of the CEN European standardisation programme. This is a PDF file that can be viewed and edited on-screen. An XML file is then embedded as the basis for automated further processing. stratEDI offers: play:

    •  support in creating ZUGFeRD files from in-house/EDI formats
    • automated conversion of invoice files into ZUGFeRD, with subsequent sending via stratEDI
    • and individual solutions for automatically reading and converting the XML file.