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Comprehensive data clearing: cctop.

With cctop, stratEDI automates business processes comprehensively and rigorously. We develop the suitable individual solution for each issue. Our clients benefit from expert advice and smooth processes. There are no technical problems arising from an own converter. (more)

Special formats: ZUGFeRD and XRechnung

stratEDI assists with the creation of ZUGFeRD files from in-house/EDI formats, automated conversion of invoice data to the ZUGFeRD format and invoice sending by stratEDI, as well as individual solutions for automatically reading out and converting XML data. Since April 2020, the XRechnung format has been standard in public administration for electronic invoicing. Here as well, stratEDI offers help with implementing the format, for smoother public-sector transactions. (more)

Simple partner linkage: WebEDI

Those who cannot afford or do not want a big platform solution can network with partner companies via WebEDI, and so make their processes efficient and transparent. For a monthly fee of € 50, participating users can access the system and use it to handle all processes with partner firms. (more)

You have a problem? We have WebSolutions.

Certain requirements keep coming up, so we have developed a toolkit of web solutions to address them. This covers everything from standard WebEDI to the automatic generation of SSCC and EAN128 labels, scanner data uploads and the automatic creation of DESADV (despatch notice) all the way to logistics control. (more)

You have questions? We will help.

Partner onboarding, EDI system migration, NVE-/SSCC implementation – we provide expert consulting on EDI. (more)