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WebSolutions for many requirements.

With more than 25 years of experience and over 5000 clients, certain requests come up over and over. From this we have built a toolkit covering everything from standard WebEDI to the automatic generation of SSCC and EAN128 labels, scanner data uploads and the automatic creation of DESADV (despatch advice), all the way to logistics control.

For example (1):
Despatch advice.

To use scanner-assisted despatch advice, the platform operator loads article master data to the platform. Based on master and order data, the WebSolution dynamically calculates the number of labels needed for the largest logistical unit and the associated layers. Depending on the requirement, it makes proprietary or EAN128 labels that the vendor can simply print out.

To generate a DESADV message to go with it, the vendor scans the labels with a hand scanner and loads the data into the WebSolution, which then generates a hierarchical DESADV and sends it to the platform operator. The information from the DESADV and the labels improve the platform operator’s goods receiving process.

Online commissioning can also be implemented. In this case the vendor commissions online in the WebSolution using a tablet directly at the goods. There is no need to upload scanner files.

We offer this solution to clients as a platform. There is a one-time fee for implementation, and monthly hosting fees based on the number of users included (employees, vendors, customers etc.) or number of articles involved.

For example (2):
Data-based inventory management.

In this stratEDI WebSolution, users manage article master data and inventory amounts. At regular intervals trade partners send inventory reports (INVTRPT) and/or sales figures (SLSRPT) that the platform displays. Based on defined criteria, which the user can modify, the WebSolution generates order suggestions. These can be edited and if desired taken into the user’s ERP system. Once the order has been placed the WebSolution automatically updates inventory.

If the trading partner so desires, the user can send new or edited article master data via PRICAT using the platform.

The platform is run by stratEDI, and we charge a modest fee for using it.

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