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stratEDI is not a big corporation, but a small, nimble outfit. You get a personal contact, not a ticket. We meet agreed deadlines. Guaranteed.


First understand the processes, then deploy EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). For over 25 years we have been developing systems that are an exact fit for our clients’ business models.


Our IT centres are in Germany and are certified to the highest standards, including extensive backup solutions. So that you can be sure.

Our services

Uncomplicated and economical automation of B2B business process – we do this for all our clients who want to network efficiently with other companies using EDI.

Comprehensive data clearing: cctop

Independently of standards, software or existing processes, we automate business processes and integrate partner firms, such as suppliers, dealers and logistics providers. The work is done in the cloud; no system installation is needed. Data in, success out.

Simple partner linkage: WebEDI

Many companies want to automate their business processes, which means partner firms need a link. WebEDI helps with that. Participating users can access the system for a monthly flat fee of just € 50. The only thing they need is an internet connection.

Customized: Web solutions for all

With more than 25 years of experience and over 5000 clients, certain requests come up over and over. From this we have built a toolkit covering everything from standard WebEDI to the automatic generation of SSCC and EAN128 labels, scanner data uploads and the automatic creation of DESADV (despatch advice), all the way to logistics control.


Partner onboarding, EDI system migration, NVE/SSCC implementation – we provide expert consulting on EDI. Our goal is always the efficient, well-planned and smooth digitalization of business processes.

Who we are

stratEDI specializes in the automation of data clearing and partner linkage by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Founded in 1994, today the company employs 15 people. We have been working in data clearing with cloud structures since the very beginnings of the technology.