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stratEDI: Your partner for EDI

stratEDI specializes in the automation of data clearing and partner linkage by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Founded in 1994, today the company employs 15 people. We have been working in data clearing with cloud structures since the very beginnings of the technology.

stratEDI is located in Gevelsberg, Germany and has about 5000 clients. The number of partner-message relationships of our clients varies between 5 and 1000. Our cctop clearing centre processes data in the seven figures.

With cctop, stratEDI offers a cloud-based solution that is hosted in Germany. Our high-performance EDI servers and backup data mirroring are located in Verizon’s Dortmund IT centre. Archiving is on NAS systems, so that all data is doubly safe.


What we stand for:




It is our conviction that the chemistry between business partners has to be right. As a company we stand for direct communication and fast, expert solutions. That’s how it’s been for more than 25 years, and that’s how it’s going to stay. (more)

The best evidence: Satisfied customers.

Whether for simple connection via WebEDI or extensive data clearing with cctop, we have many satisfied clients. Our references show the great variety of company sizes and industries we serve.

Our references: Clients
Our references: EDI partners